Santa Home Visits

  Bring the Holidays to Them with Santa Home Visits

The best part of Christmas is that there is always plenty of love and laughter for everyone! Santa Kringle LLC is ready to make their dreams come true with Santa home visits. He will arrive in his motorized sleigh and ready to listen to the wishes of every good girl and boy in the home. I think you know that he doesn't care how old or young you are, because everybody deserves the very best Christmas possible. Is there somebody special on your list that especially needs to smile? Call Santa and he is on his way!

A Special Visit for All the Nice Friends and Family on Your List

Does one of your family members live in a supervised living facility and rarely gets to enjoy the lights and music of the season? Santa Kringle will bring the merriment to them. Family parties, hospital rooms, classrooms, and after school groups! Wherever there is a child of any age that wants to laugh, "Ho, ho, ho!" Santa is ready to race to their side. His red suit is adorned with all of his dutiful reindeer, so you know how he got there safely.

Rent a Santa Claus for Your Celebration

Santa is available in 30 minute or one hour time blocks, so that he will still have plenty of time to visit everybody on his list. You can take pictures with Santa using your phone or own camera equipment, or even have a professional photographer on hand. Santa's only job is to listen to all the good boys and girls and to make sure that your Season is truly merry and bright.

Rent a Santa Claus when you click or call and make sure that Santa Kringle LLC has the address of your chimney for his personal appearance today.