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Enjoy capturing those special moments
Add a digital photo booth 

Instant social sharing adds an interactive element to your event, encouraging guests to share their fun moments in real time. It not only engages attendees but also creates a dynamic and memorable experience. Have a fantastic event with your digital photo booth!     

Call for a customized quote. 724.552.7334

The North Pole Experience 

Select your Virtual North Pole Experience 

Choose one of the four magical experience

1: Reindeer Experience

2: Hall of Letters Experience

3: Preschoolers Experience

4: Command Center Experience


Naughty or Nice add on

On-site Santa

*         Home Visits

*         Personalized Virtual Visits

*         Video Messages

*         Parties, Large and Small

*         Corporate Events

*         Community Gatherings

*         Parades / Tree Lightings

*         Photography Shoots

*         School Events

*         Promotional & Public Relations

*         Special Occasions

*         Annual Background Check is                    Maintained

*         Deluxe wardrobe with many                      different props                                              including a real-time 

           Naughty and Nice presentation 


Photobooth at your next Holiday party

Welcome to the Santa Command Center at the North Pole! Here, the magic of Christmas comes to life as Santa and his team coordinate gift deliveries

“We enjoyed our visit with Santa! My kids can’t stop talking about how much fun it was to see Santa’s Reindeer!”

The Halls of Letters 

If we were to embark on such a journey, we’d likely encounter a winter wonderland filled with cheerful elves, bustling technology

Invite children to come up and find their names on the list. For younger children, you can assist them in locating their names, while older children can search independently.

Santa's stories are woven with magic, filled with wonder, and spread joy to all who hear them. From tales of adventure in the North Pole to heartwarming moments with his reindeer, Santa's stories enchant both young and old alike.

  • How many children can be on a live visit with Santa?
    Dasher: A standard Virtual visit includes up to 3 children in your family from your home. However, for larger families and an additional fee per child can be arranged. Call or email Santa for that fee.
  • Can I personalize my Santa experience?
    Dancer: Absolutely! That’s one of the best things about my virtual visit, you’ll be able to provide me with your children’s wish-list prior to the virtual call. Below is the link to personalize your childs experience.
  • Will I receive a video with Santa?
    Prancer: Your virtual visit will be captured, professionally edited and available for purchase so you can download it.
  • How long is a Virtual Santa visit?
    Comet: Santa visits are generally between 27 and 30 minutes long depending on how many children you have. Live sessions include some really fun stories and activities. Including a nice certificate signed and sealed. So set aside 30 minutes on average for your live visit
  • How early do I need to log on for my session?
    Vixen: I suggest that you log on 10 minutes before your session to make sure your video and sound are working properly. After a short intro Santa Kringle will appear.
  • How can I make the video from my end look the best?
    Cupid: I suggest sitting in front of the camera on your device and frame yourself from your shoulders up. Make sure that you don’t have any light behind you or to the side of you. Light from the front are best.
  • What kind of bandwidth do I need?
    Donner: For best results please make sure you have a high-speed broadband connection.
  • Any additional questions?
    Blitzen: If you still have questions, please feel free to call or email me 724.552.7334 or email
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